Platte River Basin Texts Online

A Report from the Secretary of War, An Exploration of the Country lying Between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains
Agricultural Water
December 1975
Basic-Data Report, Lower Cedar River Drainage Basin, Nebraska
July 1961
Basic Guide for Multiple Objective Planning in the Platte River Basin, Nebraska: Level B Study
Bibliography of Nebraska Geology, 1843-1976
Electric Power and Municipal, Industrial, and Rural Domestic Water
May 1975
Existing Studies Inventory
May 1974
Financing Options for Projects and Programs Identified in the Platte River Basin Level B Study
Fish and Wildlife
July 1975
Flat Water: A History of Nebraska and its Water
March 1993
Flood Damage and Control
September 1975
Geologic and Ground-Water Reconnaissance of the Loup River Drainage Basin Nebraska
Geology and ground water in the Platte-Republican Rivers watershed and the Little Blue River basin above Angus, Nebraska
Geology and Ground-Water Resources of South-Central Nebraska
Geology and Groundwater Resources of the Lower South Platte River Valley between Hardin Colorado and Paxton Nebraska, Part 2
Geology and Groundwater Resources of the Lower South Platte River Valley Between Hardin Colorado and Paxton Nebraska
Ground-Water Levels in the Lower Platte River Valley, Nebraska
May 1948
Ground-Water Resources of the Prairie Creek Unit of the Lower Platte River Basin, Nebraska
Groundwater Quality of the Central Platte Region, 1974
Guidebook to the Geology Along Portions of the Lower Platte River Valley and Weeping Water Valley of Eastern Nebraska
Land Conservation and Sedimentation
September 1975
Land Use and Economics
August 1975
Legal and Institutional Structure
March 1975
Lower Platte Basin Stream Inventory Report
October 1973
Middle Platte Basin Stream Inventory Report
October 1973
Nebraska's Platte River: A Graphic Analysis of Flows
North Platte Basin Stream Inventory Report
North Platte River Basin
Outdoor Recreation
June 1975
Plan Formulation
December 1975
Report on the Platte River Basin, Nebraska Level B Study
June 1976
Sedimentation Characteristics of Recent Sands of the Middle Loup and Dismal Rivers
South Platte Basin Stream Inventory Report
October 1973
Stream-Aquifer Hydrology
May 1975
Supplement to Logs of Test Holes, Platte County, Nebraska
The Program of Ground-Water Investigations in Nebraska
January 1962
Water Quality
March 1975
Your Wildlife Lands: The Platte Valley

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